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Welcome to Opera Fort Collins

From the Artistic Director

Brian Clay Luedloff: Artistic Director, Opera Fort Collins Thank you for visiting the Opera Fort Collins website — like our company, it is ever-changing! We live in a strange time wherein opera, an art form that had historically been shielded from the worst effects of a fickle economy, finds itself re-examining its place in the world: what is opera, how do we deliver it to our audience and what’s the most effective business model to support these changes? It’s easy to throw one’s hands up in the air and cry “opera is dying!” but I don’t believe for a moment that that is true: what I do believe is that opera is EVOLVING.

At Opera Fort Collins we’ve decided to evolve with the art form, grow with our community and constituents and face the future with courage and confidence in the service of our mission: “to entertain, enrich and educate through the professional presentation of opera and community engagement programs.” The “c” word can be scary: change. For those of us who love the traditions and styles of opera as it was known in the 19th and 20th centuries, change implies new musical and theatrical forms, presented in non-traditional venues in productions that might seem foreign or confusing, but I encourage you to share our courage and confidence.

In future seasons we’ll bring you the best of opera and operetta — those of you who have been asking for light opera will be rewarded for your patience in coming seasons! In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you the WinterSong and Afternoon Tea with a Diva and other special events throughout the year, and we all anticipate the Songs in Summer produced by our Opera Fort Collins Guild, along with their other events.

Thank you for your continued support of OFC!

Brian Clay Luedloff

Artistic Director
Opera Fort Collins

From the Music Director

Wes Kenney: Music Director, Opera Fort Collins It is my great fortune to be working in a community with a professional opera company. Being Music Director of Opera Fort Collins and the Fort Collins Symphony has created a unique opportunity to forge an alliance that makes for outstanding performances for both organizations. The importance of the orchestra as not just an accompanying ensemble but also a commenting entity in operatic drama requires excellent musicians in the pit so that sensitivity and flexibility is the norm. The presence of the FCS guarantees that the performances you hear with OFC will be of the highest caliber. I can certainly speak for the members of the FCS in telling you that opera is one of the ultimate challenges for any orchestra and that playing it on a regular basis makes the ensemble better. It is also my great pleasure to be working with such a vibrant group of individuals who all are focused on giving you the best theatrical experience that can be mounted outside of Denver. We hope that you will find out what many people already know: that Opera Fort Collins is the ticket to buy whenever we take the stage!

I hope you will be a part of the amazing experience.

Wes Kenney

Music Director
Opera Fort Collins


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